When elegance & charm meet in the same place it creates miracles!

383 HOUSE is the home of great creations and full of creativity. A house that welcomes admirers of the greatness, adventure and freedom that nature gives us.


Nothing brings people together
like tasty food and great ambiance!


A restaurant is a fantasy
in which diners are the
most members of the cast!

The place where through dishes you can enjoy a trip around the world and discover a whole new world, through the art of the dishes created by our chefs.

Dig in the menu
and travel the world with
the amazing food taste!


Types of Omelets

simple, vegetarian, with beef ham

House 383 breakfast

eggs, meatballs, potatoes, sausage, ajvar

Royal Eggs

salmon, poached eggs, spinach, Dutch sauce


Nutella, honey, forest fruits


Nutella, cheese


Cream Soup with vegetables

Chicken soup

Tomato soup

Steak soup


House 383

iceberg, arugula, spinach, green salad, dressing, dried fruits

Green Gourmet

iceberg, radicchio, green salad, rucola, gorgonzola, dressings

Rucola Salad

Rucola, cherry tomato, parmesan cheese, dressing

Country Salad

tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, cream cheese


tomatoes, mozzarella, virgin olive oil


Mixed Cheese

Mush Cheese

cream cheese, tomato marmalade, spice oil

Tomato Bruschetta

Beef Tartare

Beef, pickle, mayonnaise, eggs

Carpaccio Salmon

salmon, olive oil, dressing, salt, paper

Spring Rolls

spinaq, djathë

Flat Bread with Cheese

cheese, honey, sesame

Chesse in oven

chesse baked in oven

Chesse Croquette


Fried Mushrooms

Fried Vegetables

seasonal vegetables

Fried Shrimps

garlic oil, tomato sauce



filled with chicken, tomato sauce, basil


parmesan cream cheese, truffles


shrimps, spicy souce, Parmesan cheese


shrimps, spicy souce, Parmesan cheese


integral pasta (black) filled with shrimps, spicy sauce, parmesan cheese

Chicken Risotto

chicken, mushrooms, green onions, Parmesan cheese

Risotto with Vegetables

seasonal vegetables

Risotto with Steak

steak, red onion, tomatina, parmesan, red wine

Risotto Spinach

spinach, homemade sausage, parmesan cheese

Risotto with Shrimps

shrimps, cherry tomato, onions, parmesan cheese

Linguini with Shrimps

cherry tomato, tomato sauce, onions, parmesan cheese

Penne Arabiata


Steak with Risotto and Spinach

Steak with Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes, asparagus, tru e sauce

Beef Filet

mixed puree, qimiuri sauce

T-bone Steak

cheese croquettes, tomatoes

Muscle Steak

muscle steak, muscle sauce, seasonal vegeteables

Chicken Fillet a La Crema

seasonal vegetables, mushroom sauce


salmon fillets, steamed vegetables


spinach, carrots, potatoes

Sea Bass

spinach, carrots, potatoes

Filled Chicken Filet

mushrooms, cream cheese, baby tomato, parmesan


Mousse Chocolate

Panna Cota with wild fruits



Fruit Salad

Sweet 383

'TRI' Chocolates

Great meals and unforgettable
memories are created
in 383 House

The journey
of unique tastes!

If you think that details make difference you are in the right place, as one of the most elite restaurants in Kosova, 383 HOUSE is well known as a place where you can taste different things and specialties from all around the world.

A place where you meet modernity in another dimension. Visit us and enter the world of taste, details and creation.

When you begin to explore through the eyes, taste and smell, the secrets of the recipes that you would love to taste.

Bashkim Fehmiu, Arberi
Prishtina, 10000,

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